01 December 2010

Loving Story - The Movie

A racially-charged criminal trial and a heart-rending love story converge in the history of Richard and Mildred Loving. Their struggle for respect and dignity is set against a backdrop of historic racial prejudice and anti-miscegenation sentiments in the United States not solved by the federal Civil Rights Act.

With the help of two young lawyers driven to pave the way for social justice and equal rights through the historic 1967 Supreme Court case, "Loving v. Virginia" overturned lingering bans on interracial marriage in sixteen states.

Told through never-before-seen cinema verit̩ footage of the Lovings and their lawyers, with other authentic footage of the times and pictures by Grey Villet. Together with oral accounts and interviews with their family and friends, the film captures their saga Рfrom their courtship, to their arrest and exile, to their preparation for the 1967 Supreme Court case.

THE LOVING STORY is an intimate look into a poignant and enduring romance set against the turbulent backdrop of race relations in America in the wake of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act -- intended to expand equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment to all citizens of the U.S.

Bans against interracial marriage had persisted in nearly one-third of the states.

"Loving v. Virginia" was the turning point for marriage equality in the United States. The movie premiere will be in early 2011, and interested supporters can be a part of the final production phase.

Currently Sandra Booker's "When Love Happens" -- the first CD ever to commemorate Loving Day and the Loving's story -- is up for Grammy nomination consideration.

Loving Day celebrations mark the anniversary of the Loving Decision on or around June 12th each year in many cities throughout the United States.