14 October 2009

A letter from U.S. Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN)

Dear Friends,

American families continue to struggle during these tough economic times. Job loses, rising health care costs, and the foreclosure crisis combine to put unprecedented stress on hard-working Americans.

Since entering Congress, I have worked to reduce the financial crisis' impact on our communities by supporting legislation to extend unemployment insurance, curtail predatory lending, and save working families from losing their homes.

We all know someone who has been forced to make hard choices due to the sagging economy. For example, some parents are forced to make ends meet by sending their children to school without a lunch.

I recently introduced the Expand School Meals Act (HR 3705), which would ensure that more students receive the nutritious meals they need to learn and succeed. Senator Franken joined me by introducing a Senate version of the bill.

My campaigns have always been about more than electoral victory. Since my election in 2006, I've run vigorous campaigns focused on what I call "the politics of generosity and inclusion" - a movement based on the reality that there are enough resources to go around - and that we should act that way.

In order to build the politics of generosity and inclusion, our campaign reaches out to underrepresented communities, helping citizens organize and fight for the change we need on issues like affordable health care, green jobs, and reforming our financial system.

I need your help to get out the word and organize for our progressive agenda. Conservative commentators are working overtime to spread lies and distortions, but you can fight back by making your voice heard.

Help me continue building the politics of generosity and inclusion by making a contribution of $10, $25, $50, or $100.

Thank you for your support!


Keith Ellison
Member of Congress

Learn more about the Expand School Meals Act - HR 3705 either by following that link or by using the convenient Google search box below.


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